Spindle hotel at GMN usa

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What is the Spindle Hotel Program?

Spindles are essential machine components, and their quality and performance can greatly impact the correct operation of machines, the overall productivity, and efficiency in different industries. The spindle hotel program ensures that you are always using high-quality, well-maintained spindles in your machines, resulting in improved performance and better output.

The Spindle Hotel Program is a service offered by GMN USA for all kinds of industries, where you can store your new or refurbished spindle. This ingenious alternative allows you to quickly replace faulty spindles without the need for costly repairs or prolonged downtime, ensuring that your production processes are not severely disrupted.


How Does It Work?

The Spindle Hotel program is simple and elegant.

  1. Contact GMN USA, send us your spindle that is not being used, and we store it in our spindle hotel.
  2. When you need a spindle replacement, send us the broken spindle and we will provide you with the spindle that we stocked for you.
  3. We will send you a quote to refurbish your broken spindle as you receive your working spindle that was in storage. Our team of engineers will then make the necessary repairs to get your spindle to like-new condition, upon agreement.

This streamlined approach is designed to make the exchange seamless, reducing the impact on your production line and extending your spindle’s warranty. Our program offers significant benefits for industries that rely on machinery with critical spindle components, such as CNC machines, metalworking, and automation sectors. The spindle hotel program is a beneficial solution for the manufacturing industry for the following reasons:

Extended Spindle Warranty:

Normal warranty starts as soon as the customer receives the spindle. If a spindle sits unused for months or even years, the warranty will run out by the time the spindle is needed. The spindle hotel extends the warranty so that the customer can rest assured that the spindle is guaranteed in first-class condition with a full warranty upon delivery.

Minimized Downtime:

Spindles are essential for the operation of many types of machinery used in manufacturing settings, and their failure can halt production entirely. Depending on the severity of the damage, companies can lose up to $30,000 per day since the production line needs to stop. The spindle hotel program ensures that a faulty spindle can be quickly replaced with a working one, minimizing downtime and allowing production to continue with little interruption.

Financial Sustainability:

Halting your business operations due to waiting for a damaged spindle to be repaired, can be costly for you and your clients. The spindle hotel program offers a cost-effective alternative. Our spindle hotel program contributes to the financial sustainability efforts of companies by offering the exchange of spindles which reduces downtime and ensures the spindle you paid to repair is refurbished to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications. 

This saves on both the direct costs of new equipment and the indirect costs associated with machine downtime. Our spindle hotel program can save your company money and allows you to request your spindle at any time. This reduces the lead time associated with purchasing new components. With our spindle hotel program, you can quickly replace damaged spindles without the need for lengthy repairs, keeping your production running smoothly. This reliability helps maintain a steady workflow and can improve the overall productivity of your operations. It also helps in building customer trust by consistently meeting delivery schedules.

Improve Quality and Reliability:

Spindles stored in our spindle hotel program are stored under strict quality control processes, ensuring they meet or exceed OEM standards. This reliability supports consistent production quality and reduces the risk of repeat failures.

Rapid Response:

Every minute your machines are not running, you are losing money and potentially missing out on fulfilling orders and meeting deadlines. The spindle hotel program offers a rapid response to equipment failures, which can be crucial in time-sensitive production environments. Industries benefit from having a supplier that can dispatch a replacement spindle immediately upon receiving a damaged unit, which is much faster than waiting for repairs or new parts.

Predictable Maintenance Costs:

With our spindle hotel program, companies can better predict their maintenance costs. Our program operates under a service contract, which helps in budgeting and financial planning. With this simple and efficient solution, you can quickly replace faulty spindles, reducing downtime and allowing you to meet your production demands. This cost-saving benefit is particularly beneficial to companies that cannot afford extensive downtime nor the budget for expensive repairs or replacements. Moreover, by avoiding the purchase of new spindles, you’re also practicing sustainable business by repairing and reusing parts, which will have a positive impact on your company’s finances.

Strategic Planning:

When spindles are refurbished, they can often be upgraded with the latest technology to improve their performance and efficiency. This means companies can benefit from improvements without investing in new machinery. Here at GMN USA, we can repair your spindle and store it in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

Extended Equipment Lifespan:

By regularly exchanging spindles before they fail catastrophically, companies can extend the overall lifespan of their machinery. Regular exchanges ensure that equipment remains in optimal condition, potentially delaying the need for complete machine replacements.

Production Efficiency:

Consistently maintaining spindles in optimum conditions ensures that production processes run smoothly and efficiently, reducing the likelihood of quality issues and rework. Once you receive the replacement spindle, you can quickly install it in your machine, and the malfunctioning one can be sent back to GMN USA for repair or refurbishment. This entire process is designed to minimize downtime and keep your machines running smoothly. It’s an efficient cycle that keeps your operations moving and ensures you always have access to fully functional equipment.

Quick Turnaround Time:

The whole point of the spindle hotel program is to minimize downtime. GMN USA is proud to have the best turnaround time for replacements. Our standardized processes have efficient logistics in place to deliver spindles promptly and ensure that your production is not halted for longer than necessary.

With the spindle hotel program, you no longer need to worry about stocking extra spindles or managing inventory levels. We stock your inventory, ensuring you always have a replacement spindle on hand when you need it.


With the increasing demand for efficiency and productivity in the manufacturing industry, our spindle hotel program is becoming a popular choice for companies looking to stay ahead of the competition. With the Spindle Hotel program, you can reduce downtime, save money, and improve the quality and performance of your machines

For industries where precision and uptime are paramount, our spindle hotel program offers a strategic advantage, combining economic benefits with operational efficiency and reliability. Consider partnering with GMN USA and take advantage of our spindle hotel program. We will offer a reliable service while becoming a strategic partner in your quest for operational excellence.